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Bella Sophia

Up and Up made it SO easy to help build my website. They really listened to what I needed and the look I was going for. They had a lot of patience when I didn’t understand technical terms and were so friendly and professional! I love my website – its already help build my career. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Louise Heller

I am really happy with the website UpandUp Space built for me. It is beautifully designed. They sent me models so that I could figure out what mattered to me; they listened to my preferences, included all the content I sent, and then designed a great site based on my needs and desires. Great work!

Julian Guerrieri

A great service! They helped me get a super professional and awesome looking website started. Very communicative team!

Maya Pierce

I had such a good experience working with Up and Up Space. They are friendly, gave me lots of time to assemble my materials, and created a beautiful website for me that is both intuitive to navigate and fits lots of different kinds of content (pictures, videos, audio, documents). After seeing the first draft I asked them for some changes, and they were responsive and kind.

Natalie Scott

I’m so excited about the website I got through UpandUp Space! The team is super friendly and helpful and I couldn’t be happier with the overall process. This is my first website so I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I feel like I won the lottery here…


Cho Collete

The team is very friendly, and they work with you all the way through. As an actor and singer, I had been wanting to get more visibility and make the work I do and how I present it look more professional. The website that “Up and Up Space” designed for me has given me exactly that. Now I can gain more visibility and reach via something that is very unique to me…..


Jake Casper

Would highly recommend UP and UP Space for all your website design needs. They were incredibly attentive, and personally talked with me about my vision throughout the entire process. Uploading my materials was made so simple, and the turnaround time on my website was so quick. Their attention to detail is amazing, I got everything I wanted and more from Up and Up. I’m truly elated with how my new Website turned out 🙂


Tara Stona

Up and Up space was absolutely fantastic in building me a network of all things in one website. All my expectation were met, to deliver to my specific taste and assured my work popped bright on the screen. Relaying a clean, crisp , easy and efficient site for potential interested parties to browse smoothy through. I highly recommend their platform and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results.


Jude Gallegos

I *highly* recommend Up and Up Space to any artist for their portfolio site. They are committed to building you an interactive, aesthetically pleasing, and professional website and take great care in detail. I like the way my website moves and shows my content in a clean and cohesive form. I also really appreciated the Up and Up Space team’s responsiveness to all of my notes.


Asaadhya Pal

I was looking for someone who could help me build a website that would kickstart my acting career and I am very glad I met Up and Up Space. They helped me with making a website that truly stands and is easy to navigate through. Overall, my experience with Up and Up Space was fantastic and would really recommend people to take advantage of their services.


Dawn Williamson

As a working actor, the quality and usability of my website is super important for visibility and booking work. Casting directors often utilize websites and social media when booking talent, as a one stop shop to see their body of work: portfolio, resume etc. I chose Up and Up Space to design my new website as I knew just from talking to the designers how passionate they are!

Nicholas D. Johnson

The Up and Up Space design team is everything I could have hoped and wanted from a design team.
They are consistently timely in responding to questions and concerns, making sure that any and all problems are addressed and resolved.
Their ability to take design notes and layout thoughts and convey ……

Jenna Levere

UpandUp Space helped me redo my whole website! It was definitely lacking and I am so happy I found this team to help me create a brand new and eye grabbing website for my acting profile! As an actor, having a great website is INCREDIBLY…..

Leah Ruane

I had a wonderful experience using Up and Up Space to build my website. They really took the time to get to know me and what I wanted, and the process was very efficient. After they were done designing my website, they were quick to make … …..

Ana Kim

I had a good experience working with Up and Up Space for my personal website. They were reasonable in their expectations and were accommodating of my requests for my website. I also appreciated their patience and understanding as they …

Rebekah Dolan

The team at UpandUp Space was so easy to work with. They provided everything needed to create a website that I love and will help move my career forward. They made the process of gathering likes/dislikes, content, graphics, etc so smooth …More

Bre Jacobs

The team at UpandUp Space was so easy to work with. They provided everything needed to create a website that I love and will help move my career forward. They made the process of gathering likes/dislikes, content, graphics, etc so smooth …More

The Deaf Scientist

My new website created by Up and Up Space recently came live. They’ve done an excellent job creating what I had in mind. They followed my vision. They are very easy to work with, and they are very responsive to my needs. We made a great team using creativity to best present my work in acting and I was touched with how Up and Up Space applauded my work.

Adam Chisnall

UpandUp Space designed my amazing, actor website in such a short amount of time. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Highly recommend UpandUp Space to create whatever website you may need.

Dorey Casey

Up and Up Space designed a website perfect for me and my needs! The team was professional, courteous, responsive, listened to all of my feedback, and implemented it quickly. I cannot recommend them enough

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Agents and casting directors are ‘gatekeepers.’ They receive 1,000s of submissions and stand between you and your dream role. You can’t blame them for finding reasons to not call you in for an audition. Either way, learn from us: Stop submitting headshots and resumes as attachments and video reels and self-tapes as Youtube and Vimeo hyperlinks. Join upandupspace and let us build your actor website to get you the perfect role from the perfect first impression!


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How long do I have to wait to get my website after I submit my headshots, reels, bio, and resume into the Upandupspace Desigh form?

Once we receive your content form submission it takes no more than two weeks for our professional developers to build your website.

How many pages can I have on my actor website?

Our actor websites are 5 page industry standard websites. If you want an extra page or two in addition to the 5 pages, we can design it for you for an extra fee (you will have the opportunity to communicate this to your professional web designer assigned to you after you sign up).

Will I have access to the backend of my website after it is built? Also, will I be able to edit or make changes to the website myself?

Once we finish your website, you will have full access to your site’s control panel. There, you will be able to make additions, changes and modifications to your website using our user-friendly builder.

How do you choose the style and look of my website?

Our content submission form has been perfected overtime to ensure our web designers and actors are 100% on the same page. We do this by having you include examples of a desired website you like from our long list of custom websites you  can review from our portfolio page. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to send us color codes and much more to ensure your website looks like ‘you,’ and is built in a custom way that brings the best out of your headshots and other content you provide.


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