Ready to chat about your website goals? Schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation today!

Ready to chat about your website goals? Schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation today!

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate team of actors.

For the Basic Plan you’ll get $35 for each qualified sign up/referral. While the Pro and Plus plans will earn you 20% of the subscription price. And our Affiliate Support Team will be happy to help provide any guidance or tips needed to help you grow.

Why should i join?

Sign up fast, for free.

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a unique tracking code. Then you can look through our wide selection of banners and ads to find the ones that complement your website.


Get $35 for each qualified referral.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn once you connect with other actors in your network. And our affiliate support team are always here to give personalized tips and advice.

Grow your customers.

Use your tracking links to segment your referred traffic, monitor how different activity performs and compare campaigns. Then use that knowledge to maximize your commissions.

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* Affiliate Terms of Service & Disclosure Requirements and Examples.

What’s the affiliate program?
We offer commission for each qualified referral who signs up through their affiliate link.
How much will I get paid?

It’s a $35 or 20% commission for every qualified Upandupspace subscription purchase. For qualifications, check out our terms of service.

How will I get paid?

We pay commissions through PayPal. We also pay all fees associated with the payment, so you get the full $35 or 20% for each sale.

How do you track the sales?
Our custom tracking is hard-coded into our platform so you always get credit. We have several ways of tracking sales. The primary way is a cookie drop from your affiliate link. This stays on your customer’s browser for 90 days so you can get the sale even if they don’t commit right away (unless the customer clears their cache & cookies before then).
Where should I put the banners, and how can I grow my account?

Just reach out to our affiliate support team, and they’ll be happy to work with you and share tips and tricks from top affiliates:

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Referral Strategy:

The Upandupspace Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions: