Free custom actor websites for the price of web hosting

Is it easy to be accepted into the upandupspace community and get a professional website built?

The types of actors that get accepted into the Upandupspace community set themselves apart in one way or another. If you are the kind of actor who wants to be booked for more commercials, films and tv work; if you are looking to get an agent and build momentum in your career; if you are ambitious and want a quality website to match your quality content, more than likely you are the kind of actor we are looking for.

How long do I have to wait to get my website after I submit my headshots, reels, bio, and resume into the Upandupspace Desigh form?

Once we receive your content form submission it takes no more than two weeks for our professional developers to build your website.

If my application is rejected, can I apply again once I get better headshots?

Yes. You can apply as many times as you wish. There are incidents where an applicant is rejected the first time, only to get new headshots and get accepted after applying a second time.

How long do I have to wait after applying to hear whether I was accepted or not?

An industry proffesional from our team will evaluate your application and get back to you within 48 hours. You will be notified via email or a phone call.

How many pages can I have on my actor website?

Our actor websites are 5 page industry standard websites. If you want an extra page or two in addition to the 5 pages, we can design it for you for an extra fee (you will have the opportunity to communicate this to your professional web designer assigned to you after you sign up).

Will I have access to the backend of my website after it is built? Also, will I be able to edit or make changes to the website myself?

Once we finish your website, you will have full access to your site’s control panel. There, you will be able to make additions, changes and modifications to your website using our user-friendly builder.

How do you choose the style and look of my website?

Our content submission form has been perfected overtime to ensure our web designers and actors are 100% on the same page. We do this by having you include examples of a desired website you like from our long list of custom websites you  can review from our portfolio page. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to send us color codes and much more to ensure your website looks like ‘you,’ and is built in a custom way that brings the best out of your headshots and other content you provide.